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Energy Purchasing for Multi Site Organisations

Energy costs were at their lowest for three years in early April 2010.
Common consensus is that prices are going to rise in the future and with it business costs.

Can you afford to let your energy costs spiral?

As one of the very few UK Energy consultants who have been established for over 20 years, Synergen Energy can help you source the best deal and save costs for your business for the future.

We are already helping many businesses to save substantial costs on their electricity and gas charges.

We provide advice, supply high quality data and work with you to make the best decisions throughout the entire energy procurement process. We support you from the termination of your existing contract through to sourcing the best deals for your organisation. Finally, we provide a monitoring service to continually assess the ongoing cost effectiveness of your solution.

For more information about how we could reduce your energy costs, please contact us.

Take control of your energy purchasing strategy

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