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Gas Purchasing

The UK gas market is a traded commodity market and has seen the emergence of a number of alternative, licensed suppliers ranging from major oil producers to overseas funded groups.

Some of the alternative suppliers buy gas direct from off-shore producers at the beach-head, some have a share in gas fields in the North Sea whilst other suppliers purchase on the traded market or import through LNG imports into terminals based round the UK coastline.

The National Grid gas pipeline network is the means by which gas is delivered to industrial, commercial and domestic users. The gas is piped to the user and metered with this data being supplied back to the contracted supplier who invoices and receives payment from the user.

There are now a number of competing gas suppliers and an ever changing, dynamic market where suppliers attempt to gain competitive advantage by introducing new and amended contractual arrangements, terms and tariffs which need careful comparison to ensure the best choice.

At Synergen Energy we tender our clients' supplies direct to a range of suppliers including the ones we feel would be most interested in quoting and analyse the results from tendering, looking at price risk appetite and terms and conditions to supplier performance to make a final recommendation to the client.

Synergen Energy has the specialist knowledge, having been involved in the market since inception. Our experience, developed with existing clients, enables new customers to gain immediate advantage from improved prices and terms and conditions for their gas contracts.

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