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Energy Services

A key service is the minimisation of energy costs and, in order to achieve this, Synergen can undertake contract negotiations for gas, electricity and water, provide a comprehensive invoice checking service, and provide profile analysis and engineering support for energy efficiency.

The comprehensive management of Climate Change Levy Liability can also be provided by Synergen. This includes selecting the best scheme options, negotiating agreements where up to 80% discount may be available, monitoring, production of all the required policy documents and advice on achieving the prescribed energy target reductions.

Synergen Energy has experience in setting up and running energy management programmes that are tailored to individual requirements and that incorporate both the motivational aspects of staff commitment and the application of cost effective modern technology. The implementation of an overall strategy involves the complete business and requires nothing less than the establishment of a company-wide ethic.

Synergen have specialists in all areas of energy who can carry out inspections, make recommendations or advise on any aspect. Particular programmes and training can be tailored to any need.

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