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Electricity Purchasing

Electricity supply in the UK is a fully traded semi-transparent market so every user has the right and opportunity to choose their next electricity supplier with suppliers competing for our clients' business.

We tender our clients' supplies and help our clients choose from a wide selection of tariff and contract options offered by the different suppliers, analysing and assessing the choices on offer, valuing and advising on the options available and guiding our clients to consider risk, as well as terms and conditions, of the contracts offered by the different suppliers. We also work proactively in suggesting the best future timing for negotiating the next contract, securing prices when they are low irrespective of the time the current contract expires.

The recent volatile market conditions have caused different contracts to be winners or losers under the changing circumstances. Detailed consideration of alternatives using specially developed software together with skilled negotiation enables Synergen Energy to provide clients with the right choice of supplier, contract, risk assessment and ongoing advice to keep our clients ahead of future changes in the market.

Synergen Energy's market intelligence, purchasing power and experience gained from involvement in negotiations since 1990, empowers our clients, who have single or multiple site premises, to gain full advantage from the competitive markets.

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